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The versatile suit, combines robustness and progression towards all disciplines
It allows useful options for professionals: Zip to increase the amplitude of the legs and/or arms - A cordura rubber for the reinforcement of the buttocks ...

From 380 €


Freefly suit, yet versatile. Its cut allows it to be both masculine and feminine. Reinforced buttocks and knees in cordura, spandex on the joints.

From 390 €


This suit allows you to progress both in plane jumps and in tunnels.
The choice of materials and the chosen fit will make this suit a reliable and resistant tool.
The back will resist the mesh although it remains flexible with its spandex joints.

From 420 €


Freefly suit, Fitted to the body by a spandex outline on the torso, it sharpens and allows you to cut through the air. Buttock and knee reinforcement in cordura and spandex on the joints.

From 410 €

Super Manta

Mythical suit brought up to date. Videoman friends, its cordura reinforcements will help you fly easily.

From 350 €


What can we say about this neo-retro suit except that it will help our video friends to facilitate their flights

From 330 €


THE suit pour Videomen & Videowomen

From 450 €

Sum Air X

Summer jumpsuit, shorter. Freefly suit without getting hot, adjusts to the body and allows you to hug your curves. Reinforced buttocks and knees in cordura, spandex on the joints.

From 340 €

Short Sum Air X

Feeling the air brush against your skin while staying safe, this is the suit for you! Comfortable, without brake on the air, as soon as the heat is there, this combination will fill you with happiness.

From 320 €

Swoop Pants

Specialist in swoop pants for more than 20 years, all you have to do is choose your colors and provide us with your measurements… All you have to do is train (safely!!!) in flare…

From 185 €

Video Jacket

Ideal jacket for flying lightly and following the tandems or teams of which you are a videoman. Fixed wings with thumb tensioner.

Can be worn with pants or over a jumpsuit - (Take the measures accordingly...)

From 250 €

Jump jacket

This jacket is combined with the jumping pants, specially designed for those who do not like to stay in a wetsuit all day, the design of this jacket is identical to a wetsuit top.

From 185 €

Freefly Pant

Jumping pants, identical to the bottom of a wetsuit. Possible ZIP options for more fabric amplitude on the legs & a cordura rubber reinforcement on the buttocks ...

From 165 €

Short pant

Made of polycotton, buttock and knee reinforcement in cordura and knee joints in spandex make it a jumping short adapted to our discipline. Hybrid between the pants and the Swoop Pant, this jumping garment combines robustness and comfort.

From 155 €


Jumping shorts for those who are not afraid to pose on the knees, made of polycotton with Cordura butt reinforcement.

From 95 €